Friday, 26 April 2013

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

So, I am on a buying ban at the moment - did you know that?  No, probably not, because, by the looks of things, I don't know that either.  I don't seem to have told myself!  So, in this week of my buying ban, these are the lovely things I have bought:

Vintage silk threads - I can never have enough of this, and it is surprising how quickly I get through these in my work!

I purchased 5 lots of these, all in delicious colours. They haven't turned up yet, but once they do, I will take some nice arty photos of them!

The next item I purchased is for an artisan fair I am part of on 25th May at Blackborough in Devon - see here  I needed something to display my tiny makes on - like the buttons and tiny brooches.  So, I thought that a  vintage print tray would be ideal! This is the one I purchased, that I am waiting to arrive as we speak! 

I am planning to line all the compartments with parts of pages from vintage books.  I can't hardly wait for it to turn up so I can have a play.  

Last but not least, I simply fell in love with these beautiful 1950's French matchboxes!!  *sigh* ..... how could I not purchase these?

......and this is one of the little pieces of mixd media art I made with one of them:


  1. Apparently you comment here - can anyone else see how to comment?

  2. oh hello hello, I just found it. It's not so obvious though...

    But anyway... great blog. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and your treasures.

    (I bet you're one of those people though that go to the supermarket for 3 things and come out with a trolley load)!!

  3. It isn't obvious is it .... hmmmmm ..... not sure why ..... perhaps I have to change the template?