Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Vintage Fairs and buying overload

Today I accidentally fell into the vintage textile fair held at the Mackarness Hall, Honiton.  It was very careless of me, and shouldn't have been there at all! As some of you may know, I have been on a buying ban this week..... it isn't exactly going very well at the moment!  I wasn't going to go to this fair, but I started having cold sweats at the thought of it happening, and me not being there.  To make it worse, I actually went TWICE!  Yes, that is pure vintage addiction for you!  I dashed there for a quick peruse in the morning, as my littlest son was rather unwell, but as my mother lives with us, it means that I have a rather convenient babysitter!  Then, at the end of the day I rushed back there again, this time with my mother and camera in tow, and my son at home in the capable hands of his Daddy.  Lots of you who follow me over on Facebook, always ask where I go to these fairs, and what they are like, so I took some snaps for you to see.  Unfortunately, my camera breathed its last breathe whilst I was there, and the focus wasn't working very well just before that, so I am sorry if any of them are a bit blurry.  Sheila Hyson runs this fair, and you can find details of her upcoming fairs here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyson-Fairs-Ltd/411124035628256?fref=ts
Liz van Hasselt also had her usual marvellous wares at the fair - I buy a lot of my vintage bits from her. She also runs her own vintage fairs.  Liz's Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/LaCamionnettebleue , or you can follow her blog here: http://thewasherwoman.blogspot.co.uk.   At these vintage fairs or shops, you will mostly find me on my knees, racking through their baskets, drawers, and piles.  I intend to invest in a very good pair of kneepads in order for me to do this in a little more comfort!!!

Beautiful vintage aprons! I wish I had
purchased these too! 

 It is quite a hard job sourcing vintage items for my work.  It is not like modern fabrics, where you can just keep ordering.  You can only work with that item so long as you possess enough of it, then, once it is gone, it is gone.  I always say that if you like one of my pieces, don't think about purchasing it for too long, as for some of them, there will only ever be that one specimen, and once it is gone it is gone.  I trawl all these fairs for more the 3mm vintage 1920's rayon ribbon I bought earlier this year, but I have yet to find any again, which is such a shame, as I love it so much!

I ended up purchasing this lush grey-blue
blanket - I have lots of plans for it! 

How can you not love a Welsh waffle blanket!

Vintage Disney

Vintage undies - just lovely!

I fell rather in love with these shoes! 

Drawer and drawers of buttons! 

Some of Lizzie's lush objects!

Gorgeous box!


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