Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spiders, Stars, flowers and Lambs!

This week has been rather hectic, as our sheep have been lambing (more about that later!), but I have managed to produce a few new pieces this week.

The lovely Jen from My Paper Cut Heart commissioned me to make a cosmic glittering star design, with the words "we are all stardust".  I am always sooooooo nervous about commissions, and anxious that I won't interpret correctly what the customer wants, but thankfully, this went down a storm!!

we are all stardust - pendant 
incy wincy spider large pendant

summertime elongated pendant

summertime small brooch
ladies summertime Cufflinks

lily of the valley large pendant

Daisy in the wind, small brooch

For the rest of this week, we have been fostering some ewe's whilst lambing.  Its been a terrible year for lambing this year, and from what I have been hearing, we are not the only ones to have had a bad time of it.  The sheep are not ours, but a local smallholder whose land has been far too waterlogged to keep them there. We have them housed in one of our barns, and are caring for the lambs who need bottle feeding. We are adopting one of the bottle fed lambs as our pet, to go with our other pet sheep.  His name is Floppy - isn't he sweet.  He is here examining a pair of shoes, as they are very interesting when you are a 5 day old lamb!

Here he is, below, playing in the garden on his first day out!

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