Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fabric and buttons and trims, oh my!

I often wonder whether my friends understand just how excited I become at the thought of a vintage textile fair to look around?  The night before I am all a quiver in anticipation of a what treasures the morning may bring.  To be honest, I struggle to get up most mornings, due to my 3 year old who likes to deprive us of sleep, but, on a vintage textile morning, I am all ready to go! Last week it was the turn of "A Talent for Textiles", this time in Ilminster, which is run by my fabulous friend Caroline Bushell, who's wonderful antique British textiles can be found the rest of the time based at Fountain Antiques, Honiton. 

Tiniest of vintage 1930's velvet millinery flowers
Good quailty vintage and antique fabrics and trims are very hard for me to find.  The main problem is that as my work is normally in such small scale, I don't need (nor want to pay for) reams of fabric, so I look for small and interesting instead!  It sounds easier than it actually is to find, and small doesn't necessarily mean cheap!  

The most amazing antique Japanese little piece of fabric!
So I told my other half that I would only be an hour, and in fact, I was four hours...... well, I think he probably expected that!  I "do" fabric fairs rather like other women do a day trip to Harvey Nicholls! 

Beautiful antique lace ovals, with a wedgwood blue
backing - see below for what they became!

After my 4 hour rummage, here is a selection of my haul!! (... yes, I am a little bit pleased with myself this week! 

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me!

Lovely pink upholstery edging!

Millinery roses - and very small ones at that.

Vintage lace 

group of vintage embellishments.

Antique 1890's linen

Antique 1890's linen

Antique 1890's linen

Antique 1890's linen

Antique 1890's linen

..... and this is what the lace ovals and little millinery
flowers became - little forget me not brooches

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