Saturday, 27 April 2013

the silk rainbow!

Today, my vintage silk threads arrived.  Oh my goodness, what a colour feast for the eyes!  I spend a lot of time looking for vintage threads, but some of these colours I have never seen..... all together, to me, they just look so beautiful.  These are such an integral part of my work.  The modern threads just do not work alongside the vintage fabrics I use.  Finding just the right colours, can be extremely difficult.  These are also bigger than they look in the photos, being about 6cm long on the tubes, and 2cm diameter with the thread on.  These are a lovely find!


  1. Yes I am the first follower so glad you have a blog xxxx

    1. Thank you Emma!! Still learning the ropes, so you will have to bear with me in the meantime!! Very glad to have you here!! :) Was feeling a bit lonely!! lol x

  2. oh, i am now following :) your threads are truly scrumptious !! xXx

  3. Those are stunning.. I know a certain place in Bristol where there are more!! Lizzie

  4. Thank you Deborah and Liz!!! Don't tempt me Liz ...... I have a "thing" for vintage thread ...... actually, I have a "thing" for vintage everything!!! :)